Numerical Methods with Applications
Autar K Kaw, University of South Florida
Egwu Eric Kalu, Florida A&M University

    Welcome to the website for the Numerical Methods with Applications book.

This book entitled Numerical Methods with Applications is written primarily for engineering and science undergraduates taking a course in Numerical Methods.  The textbook offers a unique treatise to numerical methods which is based on a holistic approach and short chapters.   This book is a product of many years of work on
educational projects funded since 2002 by the National Science Foundation.

Since our belief continues to embrace open and uncomplicated dissemination,
individual chapters of the book in pdf form are always available free of charge.  Why then buy the book if the individual chapters are available for free?

  1. Examples of real-life applications are available from seven different engineering majors.
  2. Each chapter is followed by multiple-choice questions.
  3. Supplemental material such as primers on differential and integral calculus, and ordinary differential equations are available on the web.
  4. The book has a state-of-art dedicated open courseware website with extra examples, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets in MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, Maple and MathCAD, anecdotes, eBooks, and blogs.

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