Mechanics of Composite Materials, Second Edition
Autar K Kaw, University of South Florida
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CAUTION: This software is distributed only as a
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  1. University instructors using PROMAL for
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    Materials, or
  2. University students using PROMAL to learn a
    course in Mechanics of Composite Materials,
  3. Continuing education students using
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    Mechanics of Composite Materials, or
  4. Self-study students who are using PROMAL
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    Mechanics of Composite Materials and have
    taken a University level course in Strength of

The software is distributed only
for theoretical educational
purposes. Any other use is
prohibited. DO NOT ANALYZE
OR DESIGN physical structures
and components using PROMAL.

There are three price structures:

  • Single Copy: Single copies are distributed
    only with the purchase of the following text
    book: Mechanics of Composite Materials.  
    One person may use it only on one
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    the textbook as required, contact the author
    for use in computer labs and multimedia

  • Course License:$200.00 per year (free
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    and students of one course (including multi-
    section courses) may use it anywhere on
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    place). Send your check to: Autar K. Kaw,ENB
    118, Mechanical Engineering Department,
    University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33620-
    Important: Include your return and e-mail
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  • Continuing Education Instructors: Please
    contact the author directly for prices or email
    at autarkaw at
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