First Edition

Autar Kaw, University of South Florida



I am a student, I have been using your book namely: Matrix Algebra, and Numerical Analysis. I am really satisfied. After reading your books, I am able to solve most of the problems and really have an understanding of Matrix Algebra and its Applications. Let me, thank you for the good job you have
done professor; you are spreading your knowledge around the world, plus the book is free of charge.

I would like to thank you for the hard work and sacrifice that went into the creation of your Introduction to Matrix Algebra textbook. You truly are making a difference in the world.

Thank you for the use of your Matrix Algebra textbook. I needed to brush up on Matrix Algebra before taking a statistics course, and downloaded your textbook, which was very helpful. I thought it explained things very well, and made me feel it was easy to understand most of the concepts.

Thanks for allowing us commoners the opportunity to understand matrix algebra. I'm determined to get my head around it this time after some failed attempts

Skimmed through then book on the web. I like - the use of subject trees for explanations (have never seen this in a U.S. statics, dynamics, thermo, mechanics of materials, math, kinematics/mechanisms or machine design book but have seen it extensively in corporate design review explanations in optics based industry) - the clever use of clear examples which seem sequenced perfectly and which build
on each other.

I would like to say that I found this book very helpful in my studies and very good to prepare me for my university exams

Thanks for the book. I have not seriously worked with matrix algebra for close to 50 years and am now doing substitute teaching in Edmond public hi and junior high schools. It will be VERY handy!