Introduction to Matrix Algebra
First Edition

Autar K Kaw, University of South Florida
Between 2002-2007, the Introduction to Matrix Algebra book
was downloaded free of charge by more than 40,000 users
from 50 different countries.

As part of the self-sustaining dissemination plan submitted to
the sponsor, the book is now available for a nominal charge
only via as a soft cover book.  Proceeds from the book
will allow the author to expand the book with more
examples/problems and additional chapters in the future.

Since our belief continues to embrace open and uncomplicated
eight individual chapters (without exercise sets)
of the book in pdf form are still available free of charge.  

Why then buy the book if the individual chapters are available for
free? The book consists of ten chapters spanning fundamentals
of matrix algebra, numerical methods for solving a set of
equations, and a treatment of adequacy of solutions and
The material in the book is
based upon work supported
partially by the National
Science Foundation under
Grant# 0126793, 0341468 and
071624.  Any opinions,
findings, and conclusions or
recommendations expressed
in this material are those of
the author and do not
necessarily reflect the views of
the National Science
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