Introduction to Matrix Algebra
First Edition

Autar K Kaw, University of South Florida

What is the difference between the freely available
chapters and the for sale printed book?  

  • The book combines all the chapters as one entity.
  • The book has two bonus chapters on Adequacy of
    Solutions and Eigenvalues.
  • The book has problem sets and to most of the problems,
    the final answers are given.
  • This is also a way to support the author so that he can
    continue to bring new topics of matrix algebra to the
  • The author is making a nationwide effort to show that
    quality textbooks can be kept free for in-need students and
    the general public, while still generate a revenue stream.  
    Think Radiohead.
The material in the book is
based upon work supported
partially by the National
Science Foundation under
Grant# 0126793, 0341468
and 071624.  Any opinions,
findings, and conclusions or
recommendations expressed
in this material are those of
the author and do not
necessarily reflect the views
of the National Science
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