Do Not Leave Prematurely

Do Not Leave Prematurely


Letter to Editor
The Tampa Tribune
July 14, 2006

Hundreds dead and more than 400 wounded in simultaneous bomb blasts in trains in Mumbai, India by Kashmiri Muslim militants clearly show how easy it would be for terrorists to create the same mayhem in our own country. Our homeland security and safety technology are not the reason for the absence of such incidents in the United States. Catching a few would-be terrorists who have been more talk than anything else is hardly making a dent in making us safe.

The true deterrent is what the USA will do if another major terrorist incident occurs on our soil. A modern-day Nagasaki/Hiroshima type of retaliation will be high on the president’s list.

So if anyone who thinks we should get out of Iraq, they should understand that it would be an open invitation for the war to come to us.

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