2024 News

APRIL 2024

Received a grant on “Collaborative Research: Using Adaptive Lessons to Enhance Motivation, Cognitive Engagement, And Achievement Through Equitable Classroom Preparation”, $749,820 (USF Portion $383,172), May  2024-April 2027 (Lead PI).

MARCH 2024

Published a journal paper on using multiple-chance testing: A. Kaw, R. Clark, “Effects of Standards-Based Testing via Multiple-Chance Testing on Cognitive and Affective Outcomes in an Engineering Course,” International Journal of Engineering Education, Vol. 40, (2), 2024, pp. 303-321.

MARCH 2024

Presented a paper: A. Kaw, R. Clark, “Discussion Questions as Metacognitive Exercises,” at the ASEE-SE Conference, Marietta, GA, March 10-12, 2024.