Autar Kaw has given several keynote speeches, been a panelist, and facilitated workshops related to STEM higher education.

With Workshop Participants of Learning Strategies at Universidad Del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia


Topic of speeches have included topics such as

  • How Do We Learn?
  • Best Learning Strategies
  • Massive Open Online Courses
  • Open Education Course Ware

while workshops have been facilitated locally and internationally on topics such as

  • Holistic Flipped Classrooms
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • History and Development of Massive Open Online Courses
  • Adaptive Learning

and he has been on panels for discussion on topics such as

  • Yearning to Learn
  • Are There Limits to Online Learning
  • Flipping a Classroom
  • Teaching Successes and Strategies

Contact Professor AutarKaw at kaw@usf.edu for scheduling a workshop or a lecture.