Introduction to Matrix Algebra Textbook

Introduction to Matrix Algebra

Since 2002, the Introduction to Matrix Algebra book has been downloaded by more than 30,000 users from 50 different countries. This book is an extended primer for undergraduate Matrix Algebra. The book is either to be used as a refresher material for students who have already taken a course in Matrix Algebra or used as a just-in-time tool if the burden of teaching Matrix Algebra has been placed on several courses. In my own department, the Linear Algebra course was taken out of the curriculum a decade ago. It is now taught just in time in courses like Statics, Programming Concepts, Vibrations, and Controls.

There are ten chapters in the book: 1) Introduction, 2) Vectors, 3) Binary Matrix Operations, 4) Unary Matrix Operations, 5) System Of Equations, 6) Gaussian Elimination, 7) LU Decomposition, 8) Gauss-Seidel Method, 9) Adequacy Of Solutions, 10) Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors.

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