Mechanics of Composite Materials Textbook

Mechanics of Composite Materials

Adopted by 57 universities worldwide as a textbook for a technical elective in engineering majors such as civil, mechanical, aerospace, nuclear and materials science, this textbook is becoming very popular in the undergraduate as well as the graduate curriculum.


  • Explains the basics of composites, including their importance to industry
  • Identifies type of fibers and matrices, applications, and recycling,
  • Discusses the mechanical behavior and properties of a single lamina,
  • Finds properties of a unidirectional lamina from individual constituent properties,
  • Explains the macromechanics of laminates,
  • Examines the use of special laminates,
  • Analyzes the failure and design of laminated composites 8) Includes PROMAL software.

ISBN#: 0849396565
Publisher: C R C Press, Incorporated
Publication Date: November 2005 (2nd edition) | May 1997 (1st edition)

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