Fracture mechanics of brittle matrix composites (Extension) 

PROJECT: Fracture mechanics of brittle matrix composites (Extension)
SPONSOR: Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Washington DC
DATES: June 1995 – October 1997

DESCRIPTION: Two more basic studies in continuation of the current work sponsored by AFOSR on the mechanics of brittle matrix composites are proposed. The solution of the models will be based on three-dimensional axisymmetric conditions, linear elasticity, and imperfect fiber-matrix interface conditions.

1) The first model will develop the understanding of the effect of a transverse isotropy of fibers, such as carbon, on the fracture mechanics of brittle matrix composites.

2) The second model will analytically simulate the push-in test in a brittle matrix composite. The fiber may be isotropic or transversely isotropic.

The above two models will be compared with other analytical models and experimental results available in the literature. On a parametric basis, the mechanics of a brittle matrix composite be studied as a function of the elastic moduli and the thermal expansion coefficients of the constituents, fiber volume fraction, operating temperatures, crack geometry, remote loading strains, and the frictional nature of the interface.