Research Topics

Educational Research

How much do the high-impact learning strategies such as practice tests and cumulative tests help improve the blended class Link to Full Text (limited by subscription)

Did adaptive learning helped the remote flipped class during COVID Link to Full Article

Evaluating Blended and Flipped Instruction in Numerical Methods at Multiple Engineering Schools Link to Full Text

How do you like your class – Semi-Flipped or Blended? Link to Abstract | Link to Full Article

Comparing Different Formats of a Final Exam for a Numerical Methods Course Link to Abstract

A Holistic View on History, Development, Assessment, And Future of an Open Courseware in Numerical Methods Link to Abstract.

Development and Assessment of Digital Audiovisual YouTube Lectures for an Engineering Course In Numerical Methods Link to Abstract

Measuring Student Learning Using Initial and Final Concept Test in a STEM Course Link to Abstract

Does Grading HW Improve Examination Performance? Link to Abstract

Effect of Endless Quizzes on Examination Performance. Link to Abstract

Introducing and Assessing Laboratory Experience in a Numerical Methods Course for Engineers. Link to Abstract

Problem-Centered Approach in a Course in Numerical Methods. Link to Abstract

Comparing Modalities of Teaching a Module in Numerical Methods. Link to Abstract

Predicting Academic Performance. Link to Abstract

Composite Materials

A Better Body Armor Article & Slide Show

Indentation Test for Composite Materials Revisited Link to Abstract

Thermo-mechanical Beam Element for Analyzing Stresses in Functionally Graded Materials Link to Abstract

Optimizing Specific Strength of Infused Fiber Reinforced Sandwich Composites Link to Abstract

How Does Interphase Modeling Affect Nanoindentation Test Results? Link to Abstract

Is Crack Propagation in Composite Materials Independent of Fiber Volume Fraction? Link to Abstract

Bridge Design Research

Evaluating different assembly procedures of trunnion-hub-girder assembly Link to Abstract

How does geometry affect successful (no cracking) trunnion-hub-girder assembly procedure? Link to Abstract.

Does step-cooling make trunnion-hub-girder assembly procedure fail-safe? Link to Abstract

Sports Analytics

A metric to quantify topsy-turvyness of a college football season Site  Link to Paper