Workshops Facilitated

Adaptive Learning: Background, Applications and Lesson Building, ASEE-SE Conference, Daytona Beach, FL. March 2018.

How to Increase Cognitive and Affective Gains in Students, TPSE Chairs+1 Meeting, College Park, MD, March 2017.

A Holistic Approach to Teach Flipped Classes, ASEE Zone 2, San Juan, PR, March 2017.

Photo: Participants at the University Del Norte, Colombia, July 2013 Workshop

How to Use The Flipped Class to Teach Effectively, ASEE-SE, Gainesville, FL, April 2015.

Case Study of a Flipped Class, Visiting KSU Faculty, USF, July 2015

Using Clickers in the Classroom–An Evidence-Based Approach, USF, 2014.

Learning Strategies and Processes, USF, 2014

Practical Classroom Strategies, University Del Norte, Colombia, July 2013.

Smart Teaching, School of Pharmacy, USF, May 31, 2013.