Kaw Teaches a Course at Universidad Del Norte

Barranquilla, Colombia (August 7, 2010) As part of the education partnership between Universidad Del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia and the College of Engineering at University of South Florida, Autar Kaw, professor of mechanical engineering taught a course in Mechanics of Composite Materials during August 2-7, 2010.  The trip was sponsored by Universidad Del Norte and the Government of Colombia.

Fifteen undergraduates, graduate students and faculty members from various departments including mechanical engineering and physics took the course.  Two of the graduate level courses at Universidad del Norte are required to be taken with English as the medium of instruction.  In spite of the language barrier (mostly on Kaw’s side), the students considered the course to be a success.  Many of these students are now corresponding with Kaw via facebook and email.  The students used the textbook Mechanics of Composite Materials which Kaw has authored.  The book is used at 50 universities worldwide including 7 AAU universities.

Professor Kaw has been given an open invitation to teach another course in Advanced Numerical Methods in 2011.

Professor Kaw also visited the Shakira Foundation school which is a model of combining education and business at K-12 level in disadvantaged and displaced areas of Colombia.