Thomas C Evans Paper Award ASEE SC

The paper “Adaptive learning: Helpful to the flipped classroom in the online environment of COVID?” received the Thomas C. Evans Engineering Education Paper Award which is given to the author or authors of the most outstanding paper pertaining to engineering education.

The award is given by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Southeastern Section. Co-authors: #ReneeClark of University of Pittsburgh and former University of South Florida student Rafael Braga Gomes.

The paper was presented by Autar Kaw as a luncheon speaker on March 13, 2023 at the ASEE SE conference held in George Mason University.

Preclass work by students is challenging for flipped instruction as inadequate preparation adversely affects individual and group in-class activities. This paper examines the impact of adaptive learning for pre-class work in flipped instruction in an undergraduate numerical methods course in an online, remote environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. We compared student performance and perceptions between classrooms with and without implementing adaptive learning lessons for pre-class preparation. Our findings indicate beneficial changes in various areas, such as classroom environmental perceptions, preference for flipped instruction, responsibility imposed, motivation for independent learning, and perceived learning. Additionally, when adaptive learning was available, the proportion of students who experienced load, burden, or stressors in the online flipped classroom decreased. Although not statistically significant and marginal, final examination and concept-inventory grades were higher with adaptive lessons, particularly among Pell grant recipients. This study provides an evidence-based argument for implementing adaptive learning in flipped instruction of engineering courses.