No Need to Give More Ideas to Glazers

No need to give more ideas to Glazers


Letter to Editor
Tampa Tribune
October 11, 2007

Regarding ‘Taxpayers Still Indulge Pro Teams’ by Joseph H. Brown (Commentary, Oct 7):

Although he wanted to make the opposite point, Brown does not need to give any more ideas to the Glazers. With that column in hand, they will go to the city and county to ask for even more privileges and concessions.

With the USF Bulls selling out the stadium, it is not going to be long before they will ask to increase the cap on the profits from concession and parking from non-Bucs events. Several reasons can be given – the turf has to be replaced more often as the fans celebrate on the field, the seats are fading faster as they get up more often to cheer their winning team, etc.

Just like in 1996, I am sure the rich folks of Tampa will not blink an eye while lobbying for another sales tax increase, especially in light of lower consumer spending lowering CIT estimates, rising property taxes, and homeowner insurance premiums.

Time and again, economists have shown that sports teams do not bring economic fortune to a city. It is almost a zero-sum game.

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